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TUANIS: Pronounced: to-wah-nees

   In the far reaches of the jungle, tucked away in Central America therein lies a civilization that has created something incredible...scientists have discerned that these people live longer than nearly every other civilization on the planet and have been decorated as the Happiest People on the Planet...not once...but twice! 

   Where is this place?  Costa Rica.  What is the philosophy which leads to this longevity?  Pura Vida.  Pura Vida is the celebration of 'Pure Life' and this care-free approach to the modern world has given Costa Ricans the distinct advantage over nearly every other peoples in the world for living a happy carefree life.  What is the grass roots of Pura Vida?  What is the soul of this philosophy? The word is, "TUANIS" and it's the key to living a happy life.  

   It's not a remedy.  It's not a cultural anesthetic like so many first world "cures".  It's not a materialistic band aid to get you through the day.  It's not just a change of vocabulary. It's a new way to live. TUANIS is an authentic lifestyle brand rooted in surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, outdoor adventure, music, arts and more. TUANIS is designed for those who are tired of the Rat Race. Stop racing through the day and start embracing it!  Reflect your decision to change your lifestyle by wearing TUANIS Brand Clothing.  

   It's a new state of mind....Maybe it's time? TUANIS...Change Your State of Mind.

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